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Enrollment 2023-2024

Hello Parent’s, Guardians, and Students!

Our school year is just a few weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited. As a friendly reminder, our 1st quarter payments have been billed. We have several students that have not provided their FES-UA (formerly Gardiner) ID numbers. Please contact the school to supply those ID numbers as soon as possible. Also, we have several students that have billing that has not been approved. We need for you to log-in to and approve the funds. Your part as the parent is so very vital to our ability to make payroll, curriculum, etc.… If you need assistance maneuvering the step-up website, Mrs. Garrett has had extensive training and is more than happy to assist with any questions you may have about the scholarships.

We have one fundraiser underway and one that is about to start. We are currently collecting BoxTops for funding to the school. You do not need to submit the BoxTops to the school anymore! BoxTops has created a very user-friendly app for both Android and IOS operating systems. All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt and submit it to BoxTops. The app will then search your receipt for qualifying products. Once they are found, it automatically applies the funds to the school’s account. If you choose to submit them the old way, that is okay! We will take them too. We have a catalogue fundraiser that will begin in October. All funds raised from both fundraisers will go towards new playground equipment for our children to enjoy.

There are many other fund things coming down the pike for our children. We are very excited for all the fun things we have in store for them. Their smiles and excitement make this job so worth it. We, as always, pray for you and your families. Please know that we are here for you and your families.

In Christ,

Stephanie Garrett

Office Administrator


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